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Celia & Harmon Honoring Tradition and Love. The Military Wedding and Saber Ceremony at The West Point Club | West Point Ny

West Point Club Ny | West Point Cadet Chapel | Trophy Point

On May 6 Celia and Harmon embarked on a journey of love as they tied the knot in a beautiful celebration. From getting ready at a stunning Air B&B mansion Chateau Montreau on Hudson Newburgh, NY, to a memorable church ceremony at West Point Cadet Chapel , their wedding day was filled with joy and enchantment. Let's delve into the highlights of their magical celebration!

Celia and Harmon prepared for their special day at a picturesque Air B&B mansion with a breathtaking river view. Surrounded by loved ones, they shared cherished moments and excitement before the festivities. Before the ceremony, the couple and the bridal party took full advantage of the mansion's beauty for a pre-wedding photoshoot, capturing timeless memories in the stunning surroundings.

The iconic West Point Cadet Chapel provided a grand setting for Celia and Harmon's wedding ceremony. They exchanged vows, surrounded by loved ones, promising to embark on a lifelong journey of love. This location held a special significance for Celia and Harmon, as it was the same chapel where Celia's grandparents had tied the knot 65 years ago. Their grandparents' love story served as a wonderful inspiration for the couple, reminding them of the importance of love and family values.

After the ceremony, Celia switched into her reception gown, which was created by Jenny Yoo. Celia and Harmon then proceeded to go to Trophy Point for more photos. This picturesque location provided breathtaking views of the Hudson River, which also held special meaning for the couple as it was where they first met. The photographs captured the unforgettable moments of their joyful day.

The reception at the West Point Club was a delightful celebration filled with love, laughter, and charming details. From the centerpieces to the adorable cake featuring a dog figurine, creating a perfect touch. The dance floor came alive, ensuring everyone had a fantastic time.

Celia and Harmon's wedding day was a remarkable celebration of their love. From the stunning Air B&B mansion to the iconic West Point Cadet Chapel, every moment was filled with joy and enchantment. May their journey together be as beautiful as their wedding day!. 

Bridal Dress: Kleinfeld's in NYC

Bridal evening Dress: By Jenny YOO

Church Ceremony: West Point Cadet Chapel

Make up Artist: Celeste von Damon

DJ Entertainment: Sound of Life Entertainment

Bakery: West Point Club

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