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An engagement shoot is the culmination of an eventual digital photo album of you and your spouse during one of the happiest times of your relationship, allowing you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and while having fun, preparing the both of you for your wedding day. It's important to look and feel your best on the day of your session and thats why I put together some tips along with a few of my favorite dress shops, to help you prepare for your engagement session.

1. Choose a location that is meaningful to you as individuals and as a couple, what most represents you and your relationship.

2. Consider getting hair and makeup professionally done.

3. Be on time for your shoot

4. Be comfortable in your outfit

5. Look for images you love on Pinterest. Plan for a general idea but let things happen naturally.

6. Think of your engagement shoot as practice for your wedding day photos, you’ll want to hire the same photographer for your wedding day.

7. Prepare for your engagement session to be 1-2 hours long.

8. Bring your pet to the shoot make sure the location is pet friendly. We love animals! (except for when they try to eat us)

9. Ask the Park or desired location if a permit is required.

10. Plan your engagement session an hour or two before sunset or sunrise. This is the magical hour, best known for romantic light.

11. Save the dates are usually sent out 6 months prior to your wedding

12. Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes/flats.

13. Wear colors that compliment each others outfits

14. A couple of my personal favorite online shops to purchase reasonably priced dresses, from ones that are flowy and fun to elegant and classy. windsor , shein, rent the runway

and francesca's check them out!

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