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Romantic couples in love on their wedding day posing for the camera

How to Incorporate photography into your wedding day timeline, this can be a daunting task. Especially if you haven't hired a wedding coordinator or planner. We understand the stress and want to help you make the most of your time. Here are some tips to ensure that you have a well-executed timeline and capture all the important moments of your big day.

To ensure that we capture every precious moment, our main photographer will arrive at the bride's location thirty minutes before the completion of hair and makeup. Prior to their arrival, we kindly ask the bride to gather her important details, including shoes, dress, jewelry (including rings), invitation, bouquet, and any other items that hold significance to the day. Once these details have been photographed, we suggest setting aside fifteen minutes for candid and fun photos of the ladies, including champagne toasts and robe photos, before they begin getting into their dresses. During the following forty-five minutes, our primary focus will be on capturing the bride as she gets into her wedding gown, puts on the veil, and adds those final touches. Additionally, consider incorporating a special moment by having a first look with the bride's father. This heartfelt gesture allows him to see his daughter as a bride before proceeding to the next location for first look between the bride and groom. 

This process requires 1.5-2 hours total

During the groom's preparation, we allocate approximately one hour. To ensure that every moment is captured, our second photographer will be present at the groom's location. It would be great if you could have any details such as shoes, cologne, and a watch set aside for the photographer to photograph. We kindly request that the groom's father and best man be fully prepared within fifteen minutes of the photographer's arrival. For some action-packed shots with his father and best man, we suggest that the groom is dressed leaving his shoes, jacket, and tie off. As for the rest of the groomsmen, we kindly ask that they be fully ready within thirty minutes of the photographer's arrival so that we can capture those fun moments. To add a touch of excitement, it would be ideal if you could have shot glasses, groomsmen gifts, cigars, or any other props ready. Let's make this experience interesting and unforgettable!

This process requires 1-1.5 hour total

Heading to first look. First look is an intimate moment between the couple where they see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. There are several benefits to having a first look. Firstly, it allows for proper time to complete all portraits and formal photos before the ceremony, ensuring that you don't miss out on your cocktail hour. Secondly, it provides an opportunity to release any nervous feelings and spend quality time together before being surrounded by friends and family. However, if you prefer the traditional route of seeing each other walking down the aisle for the first time, we are more than happy to accommodate your timeline expectations. In this case, immediately after the ceremony, we will start photographing family portraits, followed by the bridal party, and then couples portraits. Allocating one hour and forty-five minutes should be sufficient for these photographs. However, keep in mind that this may cause you to miss out on your cocktail hour and some key photos of the day.

After the first look, we recommend setting aside 60 minutes for capturing the bridal party and portraits of the couple together. This is where the real fun begins! We will ensure to capture a variety of styles and poses using natural light as well as our own creative techniques. Before your wedding day, we will have a discussion to understand your vision and desired locations for your wedding portraits. Typically, we start with capturing the full bridal party, incorporating a mix of fun, editorial, classic, and natural poses. Then, we will break down the groups and photograph them separately, including the bride with her bridesmaids, the groom with his groomsmen, and finally, photographing the couple individually and any other combinations requested by the couple. 

Ceremony: When it comes to photographing ceremonies from diverse cultures, we possess extensive experience and knowledge of various rituals. It is crucial for you to inform us about any specific rituals that will take place during the ceremony. Although a receiving line is not obligatory, it typically takes around 20 minutes to greet approximately every 100 individuals.

Family portraits are usually captured immediately after the ceremony, although there may be flexibility depending on your schedule. The time required to set up and photograph each group can vary, ranging from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the size and structure of the group. We recommend creating a list in advance with the various group combinations you wish to have photographed, and designating a trusted friend or family member as a "go-getter" to assist in gathering the family members.

The Reception Decor:

We thoroughly enjoy capturing the intricate details, especially if they have been crafted by a family member or the bride herself! During the cocktail hour, we will photograph the reception decor, as it is the only opportunity we have to capture the exquisite setup before guests take their seats. Additionally, this is when we will set up and test our off-camera lighting to ensure it is perfect for your grand entrance.

Sunset/Nighttime Portraits:

We look forward to capturing the mesmerizing colors of sundown and the softer light during sunset. It's a great opportunity to take some additional portraits just outside the venue. Ideally, this is done during the reception, after you've had something to eat. In some cases, it can be done before the reception, depending on the time of year. Whether it's the stunning view of the city's beautifully lit skyline, the venue's outdoor uplighting, or an astonishing silhouette, the sunset provides the perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

When you choose to hire Kathleen Gemma Photography, we will have a detailed discussion about the topics mentioned in this blog. We will provide you with a basic family list that you can customize according to your preferences. Additionally, we will work together to create a customized timeline that perfectly fits your wedding day. We understand the importance of personalization and want to ensure that every aspect of our photography services aligns with your vision for your special day.

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