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EXCITING NEWS! ITS A... DOUBLE WIN! icon | International Photography Awards

Award winning third place wedding photographer gorom struggles to tie his tie
Icon international award winning photography competition

I am absolutely thrilled and beyond excited to share some incredible news with you all! One of my favorite images has been recognized not once, but TWICE, in two different prestigious competitions. The first recognition came from the Icon International Photography Awards, a total of 1,738 images submitted from 356 photographers around the world from 39 different counties, competing in 22 different categories. Only the top 10 strongest images from each category were invited to the print competition, that happens in Vegas once a year. I'm happy to announce I came in third place in photojournalism category!

Followed by another win from FEARLESS Photographers. Competitions I've had my eyes on for years. These competitions are known for their exceptional pool of talented photographers, making these wins even more special. I am so proud to now call myself one of them, and I owe a huge thank you to, my amazing couples, friends, and family for their constant support.

The image that received these accolades was captured on a wedding day. As many of you know, when I'm behind the camera, I enter a zone where I become completely immersed in the moment. It's almost like I become "hearing impaired" lol, as I focus solely on capturing those unexpected, blink-of-an-eye moments or creating something entirely new. In this particular instance, I saw an opportunity as the groom sat on the couch. Initially, I was captivated by the reflection of him on the coffee table and the beautiful natural light coming in from the door behind me. It wasn't until seconds later that I realized he was actually watching a YouTube video while struggling to tie his tie – a perfect and relatable moment. My challenge was to tell this story in a single photo without interrupting him.

groom struggles to tie his tie watching youtube video
The struggle is real

and with my 24mm lens, I took a step back to see the bigger picture. I quickly decided to shoot from a bird's-eye view, standing on my tiptoes to incorporate the phone into the frame. This meant sacrificing the reflection, but I knew that the composition and the complete story would be worth it. In post-production, I further enhanced the image by cropping it, giving it more imagination and turning it upside down. The result? An epic photo that I am incredibly proud to call my own.

groom struggles to tie his tie watching youtube video
Award winning FEARLESS Photographer

I am thrilled to share this artwork with all of you and to continue creating and capturing beautiful moments. Thank YOU for being a part of my journey, and stay tuned for more exciting updates! xoxo

Iconic international photography award ceremony winner third place Kathleen Gemma Silver distinction
Iconic international photography award ceremony winner

Watch The icon International Photography Award Ceremony- The moment I won


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