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My name is Kathleen, I am an award winning portrait photographer based in New York. To be honest, I’m getting quite tired of the cold, and all the snow we've gotten recently. Can you believe, we're going to get another 18 inches of snow this week?!  I am heading to Boca Raton, Florida to enjoy the 80 degree weather and to visit my best best friend Sarah, who recently moved to the area. I can't wait to see you Sarah, get the pina colodas ready, yum! With camera in hand, we plan to have a fun girls weekend, hit the beach, bike ride, meet new people, make new connections and have fun while doing it.


With that being said, I am offering my photography services for free! Yes, I said free, the weekend of February 19-22, 2021 if anyone is interested in meeting up for a casual , fun, laid back FREE 20 min portrait session, bring the snacks and I'll bring the camera let's have a great time!

We can explore anywhere from the towns local attractions of Red Reef Park's beautiful beach sunset's, to the grounds of Daggerwing Nature Center, the stunning views of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, to Atlantic Avenue's city strip of Delray Beach FL, or your choice of location.


Email me for more detailed information.

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